Our Solutions

Cloud Applications and APIs

We can develop web based or other networked applications (either on public Internet or extranets for example) and expose them through Web APIs or by other integration, such as message queues or shared databases. For example, you can have a web service where your partners can post inventory data which in turn passed down to your internal systems or presented at your stock management dashboards.

Mobile Apps and Games

Today mobile applications play a vital role since more and more people spend more time on their mobile devices than any other device they have. We can develop native (iOS and Android) or cross-platform mobile apps, which can be integrated with the rest of your information ecosystem, or can be used as a marketing tool for example as a game related to your industry.

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Cloud Services

We have extensive experience with major cloud service providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean) and can give you advice or help you with implementing solutions on the cloud. Our services can also include SaaS (Software as a Service) applications (such as a content management (CMS) solution), giving you quick and cost-effective solutions as well as potential integrations with your systems.

On-Premise Application Development

Sometimes it is more practical to have an internal web service (e.g. a dashboard) a desktop application or an extension to an existing product, automating or simplifying an internal workflow. We can develop services, websites and APIs, desktop applications and extensions to existing products as well as database integrations on your in-house servers or data centres.

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On-Premise Systems (ERP, CRM, Database) Integration

We can develop database or API-level integrations with enterprise management systems and off-the-shelf packages to create a seamless business experience, end-to-end.

Third party and Partner Integrations

Today virtually all large service and product companies provide some form of online integration capability such as shipping and order tracking, inventory management, product data exchange or even automated manufacturing of industrial parts or 3D printing. These integrations can be in the form of bulk data exchange or granular API interactions.

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Dynamic Websites

We can build highly scalable dynamic websites (or applications) end-to-end or integrate with your existing CMS (Content Management) installations.

User Experience

User experience is one of the most important and often neglected aspects of any system or application. Not only we can design elegant user interfaces and help with online branding efforts; we can also assist with objectively measuring user experience through various (website analytics, heat maps, A/B testing).

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