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Solution Delivery

We have developed a lightweight model to create an efficient framework for communication and task management. This framework is here to act as a template for different projects where we tailor it to fit the purpose and the scope of particular scenarios.


After our initial contact, we usually suggest having an Inception meeting where we discuss your needs and what we could offer based on our experience and capabilities. Depending on the complexity we can prepare and present a First Analysis Report to make sure we agree on the rough scope and expectations. Depending on the complexity and unknowns, we might build a Proof of Concept Prototype application to mitigate concerns we might have. Once you are happy, then we go on and create a more detailed document Solution Proposal. This paper might include wireframes, quotation and designs for major components of the proposed solutions and products. On acceptance, we organise a Project Planning & Kick-off meeting. At the end of this phase, we expect to come to an agreement on the scope and budget of the project.


We define and design the user interfaces with Design Iterations. Then the programming and unit testing follow during Development Iterations. At the end of agreed development milestones, we organise or ask you to perform Acceptance Testing and Approval of the product deployments. As it is implied by the names, based on the project scope and complexity, we agree on how and when we are going to perform iterations, if we are going to make regular releases (which might cover some parts of Transition) as well as the test and schedule details.


After the deployment approval we release the products based on agreed Go Live & Monitoring strategies, for example, regular releases with 10% of the users starting to use the new version. This is to reduce any risks and potentially fine tune certain features. We follow release by a Transitional Support & Handover. Finally, we can prepare a Project Closure statement summarising the outcomes and listing the possible suggestions going forward.

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Support Packages

After the solutions and products are released, depending on their complexity, you might require support, maintenance and minor changes to them. These activities are covered by membership support agreements.

Partner Membership

(Unlimited Email, Phone, Monitoring, Maintenance and Minor Changes)

Based on the scope of the systems under support, we offer a fixed-cost monthly plan where you would have unlimited email, telephone access, system monitoring and unlimited minor changes to the solutions and products. In our experience, this is the most efficient support model if you have business critical systems in this scope.

Company Membership

(Unlimited Email, Phone; Basic Monitoring)

The Company Membership is the most cost-effective monthly plan with unlimited email and telephone support, access to customer portal (planned) and basic system monitoring. Note that, this service excludes intervening efforts such as advanced system monitoring and remote assistance. In those cases we would charge an hourly rate for the work performed.


In case you would like to manage the system maintenance entirely in-house, or you would like to reduce the external support costs, we can provide extra training, online or on-site.

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