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We are a small family company in Milton Keynes. We develop software and system solutions for small to medium business, help to automate, streamline and globalise their processes on the Internet.

Meet the Team

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Rachel is the heart and soul of Team Suzen. She organises us, manages projects, develops new business and runs the day-to-day operations. Before starting Suzen Development, Rachel has worked in various administrative positions in industries ranging from hotels, airlines and banking although her latest passions are the real state and health care sectors. Rachel enjoys her fitness activities and loves spending time with her family and pets (That is when she is not following another business opportunity).


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Ziya is the chief techie of Team Suzen. He is a software developer and designer by nature and relishes anything that can be connected to the Internet. He has been in the industry for a long time, starting in tourism, selling his little travel agent booking software. Since then he has been involved in Internet service providers, digital agencies, banks and finance and transport to count a few. In his spare time, Ziya loves fiddling with electronics and watching Star Trek.


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Jason is the junior member of our team. Although he is still studying performing arts, Jason always had a keen interest in business and being a child of the digital era; he has an intuition for social networking, gaming and really anything social and online. Jason has already helped us with iOS games and always developing new ideas. Jason enjoys his fitness and sports activities and loves going to the cinema when he's not playing on his Xbox.